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Lij michael Satenaw New Ethiopian Music


Mentesnot Tilahun - Altewshim, New Ethiopian Music


Yapi Mapi ft. Raza Raya - Rayuma New Ethiopian Tigrigna Music


Abdu Kiar - Yene Mar, New Ethiopian Music


Abby Lakew -Befiker Eskista, New Ethiopian Music


Sami Habesha - Feker New, New Ethiopian Music


Frehiwot Tafesse - Yesema, New Ethiopian Music


Daniel Abebaw - Biyesh Adera, New Ethiopian Music


Nuraddis Seyid - Etatu, New Ethiopian Music


Lij Michael Faf - Zaraye yehun nege, New Ethiopian Music


Fikremariam Gebru ft Getachew Hailemariam SInjaleda New Ethiopian Music


Zume - Abe Werku, New Ethiopian Music


Gedion Daniel New Ethiopian Music 2015


Mamila Lukas - Ethiopia Lay, New Ethiopian Music


Wendi Mak Yene Mar, New Ethiopian Music


Fikreaddis Nekatibeb - Ejeg Ejeg, New Ethiopian Music


Tsedenia G-Markos - Befird Adebabaye New Ethiopian Music


Nati Turner ft Nahom - Negen Lemayet, New Ethiopian Music


FikirAddis NekaTibeb - Bemedinaw, New Ethiopian Music


Fikre Addis Neqatibeb - Enat, New Ethiopian Music


FeqerAddis Neqatebeb - Yebelegn, New Ethiopian music


Ephrem Tamiru - Kir Kir Eyalegn, New Ethiopian Music


Michael Lema - Libe Sira Feto, New Ethiopian Music


Abdu Kiar - Altenetatelnim, New Ethiopian Music


Abdu Kiar - Zhwa Zhwe, New Ethiopian Music

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Latest News

  USAID Awards Ethiopian Women for Excelling in Agribusiness Leadership
  USAID has awarded women with better proposals engaged in agribusiness and livestock business sector under it Innovative Business Plan Competition Program, Ethiopian Herald reported. The women who attended entrepreneurship and leadership training in model livestock agribusiness are from Addis Ababa City Administration, Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and SNNPR State. Dr.Mebrhatu Meles, Industry State...

  I Have Fathered 800 Children Says Sperm Donor
 An unlicensed sperm donor claims he has fathered 800 children over 16 years of donating. Simon Watson, 41, charges £50 for his service, which some women use as an alternative to more expensive, licensed private clinics. Watson is tested for STDs every three months but fertility charities warn women using such services they are putting themselves at risk of sexual and hereditary diseases.

  42 Illegal Ethiopian Migrants Arrested In Tanzania
  Police in Dare Selam are holding at least 42 illegal immigrants from Ethiopia who were found crammed in a two-roomed house at Kijitonyama area, Kinondoni Municipality. In an interview with The Guardian yesterday, Kinondoni Regional Police Commander Camilus Wambura confirmed the incidence, revealing that the foreigners were nabbed after ‘Good Samaritans’ volunteered information to the law ...

  Ethiopia Is Safer For Tourists Than Travelling To Brazil Or Mexico
  The rope being tied around my waist by a monk comprised lengths of scraggly old leather attached to each other by granny knots. I have a fear of heights, and as I looked up, the cliff seemed to topple towards me by degrees. But this was the only way to visit the 6th century monastery of Debre Damo, which perches on a plateau in northern Ethiopia, a true wilderness. The monk whistled and I ...

  Ethiopia Plans To Generate Electric Power From Sugar By-Products
  Ethiopian Sugar Corporation announced plans to produce 950 mega watts of electric power from its sugar development projects by the end of GTP II period. Zemedkun Tekle, Corporate Communication Directorate Director of the Corporation, told Walta Information Center (WIC), the stated amount to be produced is more than three times the installed capacity of Tekeze Hydro Electric Dam which produces ...

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